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Have you ever been embarrassed outside your home? Maybe you need to replace your locks after moving in? Locksmith Santa Clara Services is here to meet all your residential locksmith needs.
We are experts in high security locks, electronic keyboard and locking mechanism for iPhone, locks for window and mailbox, fence latch and shed and safes. We know that protecting your family is your highest priority.
That’s why we provide a wide variety of hardware and services to protect you and your family.

  • Lock change
  • Repair and modernization of Locks
  • Emergency Unlocking Services
  • Auto Key Manufacturing

If you need an emergency locksmith service for your home, Locksmith Santa Clara Services is available.
You can drop us a call to schedule an appointment with our residential locksmith.

Residential Unlocking Service

We have the ability to unlock your home so you can access it again.
That’s how we will protect your family.
With regard to your vehicle, it is essential to have the locks of your vehicle changed after a break-in or a loss of keys. To prevent losses, we double for all members of your family.
In addition to the doors, we are experts in all locks that are found in the house.

Changing and Repairing Door Locks

We are pleased to offer more economical alternatives to lock replacements.
If the lock is damaged or does not work well, a small repair can restart it.
The change of lock is cheaper than installing a new one.
Sometimes it is desirable to change the lock so that old keys become obsolete.
This is all the more desirable if you have lost a key and you think it was stolen.
On the other hand, by moving into a new house or apartment, you have no idea how many functional keys are in circulation.

At Locksmith Santa Clara Services, we are used to handling all types of locks.
The most common is a deadbolt lock with a single cylinder.
Push-button locks on door handles can be easily thwarted if there is a window next to the door.
It is recommended to install a deadbolt lock with two cylinders that can be locked from the inside as well as the outside.

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