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The technologies used in the automotive field are very specific: smart keys, transponders … and only specific training allows the automotive locksmith to offer optimal service to customers in need.

We propose you in particular
  • Replacement of lost or stolen car keys
  • Replacement of locks, barrels
  • Spare key manufacturing
  • Programming coded keys or a starter card
  • Emergency unlocking operation

Since every car is unique, the processes and repairs differ. We always analyze the vehicle and the situation before applying the adapted method.

Breakdown after car keys lost or stolen in Country

Are your keys lost or misplaced? They were stolen? Your lock is damaged? You need to hire a professional for a quick and efficient repair.
Whatever the type of car (city car, utility …), whatever the system of key which is equipped with your vehicle (lock with manual bolt, centralization with key or remote control, button and ignition by numerical code), whatever the brand (BMW, Mercedes, Renault, Citroën, Peugeot, Audi …), we have the necessary skills to intervene on the spot, without any material damage.

Unlocking locked doors in Country

In addition to loss or theft, we also intervene for keys stuck inside a locked vehicle.
On simple call, our expert teams intervene quickly on the spot and unlock the doors so that you can recover your keys. We assure you a careful service so that it leaves no visible trace: no breakage of ice.
For security reasons, you will be asked for your identity card and vehicle registration.
For a prompt and quality car assistance in compliance with legal standards, contact us.

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